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  • About Lion Safari Camp

    The Lion Safari Camp is a new luxury jungle safari camp at the famous Gir National Park – the last remaining bastion of the Asiatic Lion. It is the first Luxury Jungle Safari Camp of its kind in Gir National Park located in a private Mango Orchard overlooking the River. The location presently has around 150 Mango Trees with only 2% of the entire land area being built so that the natural setting is maintained.

    The accommodation consists of 20 Luxury Tents. The tents have large bedrooms with well-appointed ensuite bathrooms with bathtub, shower and hot/cold running water. The public areas of camp consist of an open-air river-facing restaurant.

  • Tourism in Sasan Gir

    It was acknowledged as Sasan Gir National Park in the year 1975. It grabs the merit of being the first forest where huge numbers of Asiatic lions were found in natural habitat. Although Sasan Gir was ruled by british people, Kings and Nawabs, all of them were extremely proud in killing the lions without mercy.

  • Important Information

    1.Do not disturb the animals during day time as most of the nocturnal animals sleep during day time.
    2.Do not try to irritate the animals or make them angry by teasing them.
    3.Take official guides along with you on the park trip.
    4.Do not smoke inside the park.
    5.Do not use flash or intrusive photography.
    6.For the safety of the visitors, walking and hiking within the vicinity of the park is not allowed.
    7.Camping and picnicking is not allowed within the park.